Automated VGA Planets Host

An automated VGA Planets hosting system, receives TRN files (by e-mail), sends RSTs, runs the host program at scheduled times etc.

There are many similar servers on the Internet, most of them are much better, more advanced and, what's most important, many players use them, so there's no problem with finding game partners.
But a private host gives flexibility. We are playing among a group of friends and need a posibility to pause a game or slow it down when there's lack of free time.

The system has one feature that I've never seen before: the players that tend to send in their TRNs first and last are shown. Thanks to that we know who is lagging behind ;)

Although this autohost has been developed for private use, anybody wishing to play is welcome. I will also gladly create new games.

Everything has been written in Perl, uses PHost and works on my little home server. Score plots are generated using ploticus (see ptscore plots).
In the future, when I add a few missing functions and documentation, I plan to make Perl modules that allow to easily build a similar, simple automated host available for download.