Programs and libraries that reached a state of some usability.

Homer Player
An audio book player for the elderly and visually impaired.
One-Time Password Generator ver 1.1
a one-time password generator for mobile devices (mainly phones with Java support). RFC 2289 compliant (s/key, OPIE etc.).
gsnapper ver 0.1
a simple program for retrieving archival file versions from ZFS snapshots.
eduOptim ver 0.9
a program visualizing various optimization methods.
See also: Eduoptim 2
libsexpr ver 1.0c
a simple parser of arithmetic expressions (C library).

VGA Planets

Various things related to a strategy game VGA Planets.

automated host
an automated game hosting system, used mainly by my friends and myself ;-)
Polish documentation
more or less acurate translation of the game manual.
PTScore Plots
a ploticus script for plotting PTScore history.